Natural energy from sustainable sources

Over the last decade we have seen more consumer awareness towards the damage caused to the environment in relationship to fossil fuels, resulting in an increase in the use of timber as an alternative source of heating.

At Steve Lloyd Timber we buy timber from natural resources wales owned sites, which assures potential clients and their end users that all products are from renewable woodlands and plantations.

We also try to operate a zero waste operation, using all waste materials from the production of our products to dry timber in storage in our own industrial wood burner, which also provides heating for our production areas.

Since 2007, all new distribution vehicles are either euro4 (for light vehicles) and euro5 (for our fleet of rigid and artic lorries). We believe that the above demonstrates our commitment to the environment, and wherever possible, we will continue to invest in the future.

Woodfuel is a clean, renewable energy source, which has the potential to have a positive impact on the climate. Steve Lloyd Timber supplies cut firewood in bulk or in smaller orders for local delivery. Firewood is a cheap, carbon neutral renewable energy source, unlike fossil fuels such as coal and oil.